Thursday, April 17, 2014

How to Get More People to Open Your Emails

Do you have great email content but poor email open rates? These three small tips will help your emails get opened more often!

1) Choose the right "from" name: Make sure that the "from" name in your emails is clearly recognizable and conveying who you are to customers. If they don't know who is emailing them, they're probably not going to open the email.

2) Update your "from" email address: Email addresses like " tend to be unfriendly and scare subscribers off. Be more personal and recognizable by using a "from" email address such as "" to get more successful open rates.

3) Use the pre-header text to engage your subscribers: Just like the unfriendly "", customers also don't like to see the summary line of your email reading "If this email is not displaying correctly here." Instead, use this space to get the customer's attention by telling them why they should open your email.

What tips and tricks have you used to get more customers to open your emails?

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