Thursday, February 6, 2014

How to Use Social Media to Recruit Employees

1) Get the Work For Us app on Facebook: There are 1.23 billion people on Facebook. There's a good chance that one of these people is exactly the kind of person you'd like to work for your company. So, instead of just using job boards, try using the most-used social media tool in the world to post your employment opportunities. In addition to simply posting job opportunities as a status on your company's page, you can also use Facebook's free Work For Us app. You can easily download the app to your company's page and use it to post job opportunities to a huge network of employees. Just think, even if someone who isn't looking for a job sees your post, they might know someone who is perfect for the position and spread the word to them!

2) Utilize LinkedIn to its Full Potential: You probably know by now that LinkedIn is a great tool to network with professionals, but are you successfully using it to recruit new employees? When using LinkedIn as a business, here are a few things to remember: First, stay in touch with former employees who worked well with your company. By keeping these relationships, you can ask people questions, use their talents in the future, and potentially find new talent through their network of friends and colleagues. Next, use keywords to search for potential employees who have the skills you are looking for. For example, if you are looking for someone to manage social media at your nonprofit organization, you should search for people with experience in "social media" and knowledge of "nonprofits." Third, make sure that you're using all of your resources by asking other employees in your company to seek out new talent in their social networks. Finally, remember the differences between different forms of social media. For example, LinkedIn is helpful when viewing credentials while Facebook is more useful when seeking a candidate's professionalism and character.

3) Be attractive to potential employees: The recruitment process goes both ways; that's right, people are seeking out companies that they want to work for just like you are seeking out talented people to work for your company. If you want people to want to work for you, make sure your website and social media pages are informative and up-to-date. Then, try to think like an outsider. If you were a random person on the web, would you want to work for your company based on what you find?

Have you had any luck using social media to recruit employees?

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