Thursday, January 16, 2014

Why You Need a Professionally Designed Logo

You want to give a good first impression
Whether walking into your store, searching your website, or looking at your ad in the newspaper, customers are seeing your logo and immediately making judgments about your business. Just by looking at your logo, a customer can decide if your business is professional, if it's trustworthy, and if they want to shop there. Consequently, a bad logo is likely to lose you valuable business. To prevent this, contact the graphic designers at Jemco Logics today to design or redesign your logo.

You want it to be memorable
Think about the most well-known and iconic logos out there such as the Nike swoosh, the Apple apple. These logos don't need to explain what their business does. In fact, these two examples don't even contain any text. The simple image itself does the job of making the company easy recognizable. If you want people to remember and recognize your logo, allow a professional designer to create a logo that is simple, yet creative.

You want it to be relevant
Once you have logo and are finally getting some brand recognition, the last thing you want to do is have to redesign. You want your logo to accurately portray the work that your company does and you want people to be able and you want it to look fresh. The best way to have a fresh-looking logo without having to redesign? Make it timeless. Look at the logo history Ford Motor Company:

As you can see, the Ford logo has changed slightly over time, but has seemed to keep the same general design in the last century, keeping its brand recognition. If you'd like your business to have a timeless logo, call Jemco Logics to start the process!

Just for fun, type "logos gone wrong" into your favorite search engine. What you find should be reason enough to hire a professional. Plus, you'll get a good laugh.

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