Wednesday, January 29, 2014

6 Social Media Tips You Can't Afford to Ignore

1. FacebookWhen posting, think about how your content will be viewed. For example, here is the same post in two different forms.
The first post received attention through comments, likes, and shares, while the second post received no interaction whatsoever.  Because full-size photos are often more attention-grabbing, small thumbnails can get overlooked. So, remember to optimize your posts by using the best method for your content.

2. Twitter: When tweeting, utilize hashtags without over-doing it. Using hashtags can be a great way to get the right people to read your content, but over-using hashtags can make your posts frustrating and hard to read. Remember, Twitter only allows you to use 140 characters in your post, so make 'em count! Stick to one or two relevant hashtags. 

3. Pinterest: Optimize your business’s Pinterest account by using keywords in your name and description, not just your business name. For example instead of just "Jemco Logics," our Pinterest account is titled "Jemco Logics| Grand Rapids Web Design and Development." This allows people to come across your account even if they don't know your company's name. 

4. Blogs: No one wants to read a blog that simply copies and pastes content from other sites, so get creative by creating original visuals with free sites like PicMonkey and LiveLoveCreate. It's fun and easy!

5. Instagram: Make your photos stand out by using different apps to edit them. Some cool and useful apps for this are: Retrogram, Rakuga Cute, PicLab, Diptic, and Frame Swag. If your photos are awesome enough, you might even be featured by Instagram!

6. Google PlusWhile social media management programs like Hootsuite are useful for businesses, sometimes it's better to post directly from the site. For example, when posting photos to Google+, do it directly from your Google+ account rather than Hootsuite so you can upload a full-size photo instead of a thumbnail. As mentioned earlier, this kind of post will receive more attention.

Hopefully you can take at least one of these tips and use it to improve your business's social media strategy. Now get out there and be social!

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